The Road to Purr-fection

The Road to Purr-fection

It pains me to tell this story of how this article came about, but it was promised that I would share the tale of our journey to this mtgo 5-0 deck list. Our tale starts last week some time at 6:00am where I rolled over to get up for work like every other day. Except this day there was a message sent from our very own Micheal McClure who sent me a list to stream for our viewing pleasure. As I was being blinded by the light from my phone I could barely make out what cards were on the screen. I wish to this day I never opened the message because as my eyes adjusted to the phone my heart sank more and more. What is this deck that made me feel like this you ask??? Cats…..Green White Cats. Before we get too far into this here is the list that took us to purrfection as one might say. Sorry I know that was terrible.


4 x Adorned Pouncer
4 x Leonin Vanguard
4 x Leonin Warleader
4 x Pride Sovereign
4 x Regal Caracal
4 x Sacred Cat
4 x Ajani’s Pridemate


3 x Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants
4 x Radiant Destiny
2 x Thopter Arrest


3 x Forest
12 x Plains
4 x Scattered Groves
4 x Sunpetal Grove


2 x Ajani Unyielding
3 x Authority of the Consuls
2 x Heroic Intervention
3 x Prowling Serpopard
2 x Settle the Wreckage
3 x Thrashing Brontodon


Now looking at this list it seems like a bunch of bulk common, uncommon, and rares thrown into a deck doesn’t it? Well…..yes you are correct it does. Not many cards in the deck see much play at all, except the occasional sideboard appearance. However the one thing that this deck does very well is play well together.

The synergy from each card to the other is exceptional and to explain how here are some examples that came across from the league.

  1. Play turn one Vanguard, or Sacred Cat into turn two Ajani’s Pridemate. If this doesn’t sound like the most horrifying line of plays I don’t know what is. However, if given one or two turns this little combination will turn into an overpowering machine. With Ajani’s Pridemate gaining a counter every time you gain life he gets big, and I mean big fast. If you cast a Vanguard on one, Pridemate on two, and any creature on three then the engine for the pridemate gets going. You gain a life at beginning of combat from the vanguard and then a counter gets placed on the pridemate. Rinse, Repeat, Victory.
  2. Radiant Destiny + Pride Sovereign=Blow Out. Now how does that equal a blowout you may ask? One point in the league we swung our entire squad for lethal. However, we needed the opponent to not notice the exert part of pride sovereign to win on the spot. They blocked our other cats and left the Pride Sovereign unblocked allowing us to exert or vigilant cat lord making two dudes and pumping him the extra 2 needed to kill the opponent.
  3. Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants works well with most of the deck. It allows us to bring back our small creatures, put counters on our creatures to make them more formidable, and the ultimate is the end game. Nothing feels better than putting down three life linking cats a turn with Pridemate out on the field. Also, Ajani is the epitome of giant angry cats.

The synergies are what makes the deck viable to play, along with the fact life link is great at the moment. The deck is fast enough to race midrange and control decks, but also good enough to weather the storm from red based aggro decks. Pride Sovereign is the heavy hitter of the deck, but I believe that War Leader is what put the deck over the top finally. Big body hitter that makes more cats goes along perfectly with Regal Caracal pumping the team.

I gave a small review of the deck at the end of the stream, but I will give everyone a quick rundown of what I would change. I would take out one Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants and go down to two. I would make room for more thopter arrests due to Heart of Kiran being annoying. Take out a big Ajani from the side for a Shelai and that is about it.

Playing this deck was like petting a real cat. It is all fun and games until you pet the belly wrong or for too long then it bites you. And believe me if I was the opponent playing against this deck that is exactly how I would feel too. Mostly because the opponent feels they are in the driver’s seat then boom!! Cat fight and now I am back to 20 life due to vigilant life linking cats.

I hope you enjoyed this monstrosity of an article, and hope to hear feedback from everyone. As always if anybody has any questions or ideas feel free to contact me at the store or online and follow me on twitch for more videos and updates. Lastly, here is the link the video of all five games for the league of cats. Hope you enjoy.

Twitch: longville65

Twitter: @mwlongville

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