All Things Rotation: Part III

All Things Rotation: Part III

In the last installment in these series of articles I mentioned some of the biggest winners in standard that may have not had time to shine before. So in this final article I’m going to talk about the new kids on the block, and the 5 of them that I believe will have the biggest impact on Magic.


This might be kind of cheating because this is a whole cycle instead of one card, but shocklands are going to really change how we currently do our manabases. We won’t see it this set but when we have all 10 lands mana will be almost perfect. These 5 really help their respective colors and help you play 3 color pairs like Abzan, Sultai, Naya, Jeskai, and Grixis. When we get all 10 every 3 color pair is going to have great mana and depending on what else is printed 4-5 colors will be within reach.


  1. Auriela, Exemplar of Justice


Auriela is huge for Boros decks, this card is a real powerhouse and effects the board the turn she comes down. You can play her and immediately pump your 3 drop and then next turn start attacking with her and mentoring onto other creatures, this angel also pairs very well with lyra making Auriela a 5/6 vigilance, trample, flying, lifelink attacker. Not to mention that she can be found by Militia Bugler which could end up being a very important interaction in new standard.


  1. Venerated Loxodon



Now to talk about the elephant in the room. Venerated Loxodon is one of those cards that is secretly very good, this a 5 mana creature with convoke and in a dedicated tokens deck you could have this down on turn three with 10+ power on the board, this card is also good late too in board stalls over even on turn 4 or 5 when it could be completely free, this card is coming to a Selesnya deck near you.


  1. Doom Whisperer



I keep looking for the drawback on this card and it’s just no there. Dr. Doom is hugely sized and has some great keywords, not to mention its ability is insane. If your opponent does not have an answer they just die to this huge flier, and if they do you may have enough life to just find another one. This card is very good and I’m going to be casting it a lot.


  1. Assassin’s Trophy



The other cards on this list are looked at with their effect on standard, as I don’t see them seeing much play outside that, but this card is a different story. Assassin’s Trophy will see play in every format because of its sheer efficiency. Nothing is safe. Creatures? Dead. Enchantments? Dead. Artifacts? Dead. Planeswalkers? Dead. Lands? You guessed it. Dead. Now I don’t think this card is going to take over every format but it will certainly have an impact on them all. Legacy decks will play this over some number over Abrupt Decay to kill things like JTMS. BGx Rock players are ecstatic over this card because finally Tron is dead! Okay that’s probably not true, but this card really gives fair decks game against decks like Tron or any other deck with difficult permanents. In standard this is just the best removal spell, and will certainly see play in any deck that can cast it.


Well that’s it for this series of articles, I hope you all enjoyed them and I hope I helped get those gears spinning for the new set, I can’t wait to see what you all bring!


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