All Things Rotation: Part I

All Things Rotation: Part I

As many of you know Guilds of Ravnica Comes out on October 5th and with that Kaladesh Block and Amonkhet Block are rotating. Rotation can be a conflicting time for many people, some are rejoicing that the cards they hate the most are leaving (looking at you Kaladesh and Aether Revolt) and some are sad that their pet card is leaving the format (RIP Scarab God I’ll miss you.) Some of the most important things about rotation is figuring out what is the next thing to be doing it’s important to figure out how certain cards leaving the format affect it, what previous cards are going to rise from obscurity, and what new cards are good. In this multi-part series I’m going to do my best to explain my opinions on these topics over the next few weeks.

So today I’m going to focus on naming off some of the rotating cards that changed how you had to play standard games of magic/ build your standard decks and how them leaving is going to change the format, and we are going to get started with the two cards I am most sad to see go, Torrential Gearhulk and Glimmer of Genius.








These two cards leaving is a big hit to control decks, no longer will you be getting the same removal or counter-spell cast twice by the opponent with a huge 5/6  body left. Most importantly turn 4 against blue decks got a bit more complicated, usually you would want to play your big spell when your opponent gets access to 4 mana to try and make them not be able to cast Glimmer and smooth out their draws, this will change how one is supposed to play against control decks while also hurting their ability to turn the corner in an instant by Gearhulk-Glimmering.








Another important card rotating is Abrade with the lack of Abrade your x/3s and artifacts just got a lot safer. Abrade held a lot of cool artifact strategies back because of its sheer efficiency. Speaking of red cards rotating:








4&5cmc four toughness creatures rejoice! You are playable again! Break out your Shalias and Regisaur Alphas because GloryBringer and Chandra, Torch of Defiance are gone! These cards were format defining as they limited the playability of so many creatures due to the savage beatings these cards could deliver to creatures with four toughness, sure Steel-Leaf Champion and Thrashing Brontodon see play but that is because they have a certain level of efficiency that you can afford to get hit by one of these monsters. But many sweet cards are being unlocked by these two leaving.








We will continue by talking about a couple more threats played in red decks that changed play patterns, Bomat Courier and Scrapheap Scrounger. With the exit of these two red decks lost a lot of late game power and the ability to grind. Man a lot of these cards are red aren’t they?








With the loss of Fatal Push lower cmc non red creatures are more playable, as Fatal Push really did a number on these creatures, really hurting the appeal to play creatures like Legion’s Lieutenant or Merfolk Mistbinder.








The most interesting card leaving us is Walking Ballista, its loss hurts midrange, control, and even some aggro decks because of its efficiency and colorless properties. This hurts the grind of certain decks while also making one toughness creatures a little more playable, yes we still have Goblin Chainwhirler but I feel the loss of all these great red cards makes the goblin look a bit less appealing.

Well that’s all for this one, and I am sure I missed some cards that are going to affect the format with their departure, leave me a comment and let me know anything I missed or just to talk about your excitement for rotation!


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