A look into the Force of Will Competitive Meta

A look into the Force of Will Competitive Meta

So, the set “Winds of the Ominous Moon” and some bannings have happened and it is time to look at the state of the meta.  To really look at what is going on in detail, we first have to look at what the meta was like before WOM came out and the bannings happened.

The set “The Time Spinning Witch” came out in March 3rd, 2018 and with it came an insane amount of powerful cards.  There was a lot of hype about this set and with it also came 3 new rulers and 2 rulers that had more seals broken. There was one ruler that when I saw it spoiled, I was so excited because I love the character and she looked really powerful.  Her name is Speaker of Eternal Night // Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights. It turns out that she was indeed very powerful. People nicknamed her Sherry and she stomped just about every deck that she came across. Every GP she had at least 6-8 spots in the top 8 because not many people could beat her.  Then this new set “Winds of the Ominous Moon” came out and with that, the company banned a couple cards.

Once this new set came out and the bannings were announced, it seemed like a light just appeared and everyone was excited and curious to see where the meta would go for the New Frontiers format.  Everything seemed great for a minute until the realization set in that Sherry might still be very playable. People began building a variety of different decks and there were 5 rulers that were speculated as being the tier1 – tier 1.5 decks.



Time Spinning Witch


Speaker of Eternal Night (Sherry)

Playtesting began and as more people tested a variety of rulers, 3 rulers began to stick out.  With Sherry coming back and being in a tier 1 spot, Aimul fell off the bracket mainly because the card Black Tears is a crippling card against her.  Time Spinning Witch is a ruler that needs a very controlling playstyle so she fell off for most players. The top 3 were Faerur, Kirik and Sherry. These 3 decks have good chances at beating eachother.  Sherry could kill Faerur, Kirik could kill Sherry and Faerur could kill Kirik. Now they could also go the other way but the main thing was that Sherry now had decks that could beat her. As time as gone on, we are also now seeing two rulers come out of the woodwork who are making their spot in the Tier list.

Time Spinning Witch and the green Gill are here and they both have fair to favorable matchups against Sherry, Kirik and Faerur.   Now in the Tier 1 – Tier 1.5 bracket we have Sherry, Gill, TSW, Kirik and Faerur. We are now at a meta where there are beginning to be several decks that can beat each other.  Even though Sherry is still a big threat and a very powerful deck, she can be beaten and now is way more fair compared to where she was pre bans and WOM.

What do I think of the meta as of now?  I personally think that this meta is a fairly balanced one.  Scheherazade is definitely a very powerful card/ruler and I do think that they should not have the dolls and some cards in her story deck so strong but the fact that you can now beat her with a couple different rulers makes me very happy.  I know that in the local scene it might be very hard for someone to beat her when they are not playing a tier deck/ruler, but in the competitive scene, she is not just taking over everything like she was. I know a ton of people still complain about her and that is very understandable so here is my opinion.  I am fully supportive that in the local scene, people try to steer away from this ruler. Yes she is fun to play and alot of her decks are very solid but when you steer away from her, you will be letting your opponent also have more of a chance and have more fun. If you are going to an event then by all means, if you want to play her then go do it.  She is one of the 5 top tier decks and has a great chance at doing well. If you are in your locals though and you know that there are alot of new players or people playing weird and fun decks, my honest opinion is to stay away from her. She is the killer of alot of decks and can steer people away from playing because they may not feel like they have a chance.  Any of the other tier decks are fine in my opinion because rogue can sometime have answers to them; but it is harder to find answers to Sherry. For example, here at my lgs when we have saturday tournaments, I will not play her because we have new people who come play and people who come bring their weird fun decks in to see what they can do. I will intentionally play a not as powerful ruler just to make sure everyone has fun and make it more of an even playing field.  The most important thing to me is that everyone has fun and hopefully enjoys the game. Even when that means that I lose because I played a different deck that is not as powerful like Book of Light.

Thank you so much for reading this article and I hope you have fun wherever you are playing.  This game is my favorite Trading Card Game and I hope you can find as much enjoyment in playing Force of Will as I do.

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