Force of Will

Prerelease locations for New Dawn Rises

Here we aim to have a comprehensive listing of all the Prerelease events for New Dawn Rises! If you know a store hosting a prerelease and it is not listed please let us know in the comments below! UNITED STATES ALABAMA Gamers and Geeks Mobile, AL Mythic Cards and Games

New Dawn Rises Spoilers for 8/13/18

Here are the new spoilers for today! For a complete list of the spoilers click here!

Magic: The Gathering

Tips on how to Evaluate New Cards for Standard

Hey there friends, sorry I have not been able to write as much as I’d like to, I have recently found more time to write

All Things Rotation: Part III

In the last installment in these series of articles I mentioned some of the biggest winners in standard that may have not had time to

All Things Rotation: Part II

In the last segment of this series I went over how some of the most important cards leaving the format change how the format itself

All Things Rotation: Part I

As many of you know Guilds of Ravnica Comes out on October 5th and with that Kaladesh Block and Amonkhet Block are rotating. Rotation can

How I won the first Realm Invitational Championship

As I drove to the tournament, I was relaxed at the prospect of eating pizza and hanging out with friends. I had no expectation of

Help Wanted (Maybe): A Guide to Giving and Receiving Advice, Part I

As I was typing this article, I came to the realization that it was gonna be a two parter, so this first edition is about